Constant mean curvature surface with tetrahedral symmetry


Icosahedrally symmetric genus-zero n-noids with nodoidal and unduloidal ends

Twisted Pseudospheres

Dini surfaces in the associate family of the pseudosphere

Equivariant Torus

Five-lobed torus of revolution in the three-sphere with constant mean curvature

Wente Torus

Compact constant mean curvature surface which is not a sphere


Nonlinear wave solitons on pseudospheres

Sprung Noid

Sixnoid with one nodoidal and five unduloidal ends

Singly Periodic

Periodic surfaces of constant curvature: twizzler, breather, unduloid, nodoid

Twizzled Torus

Equivariant CMC torus in the three-sphere with helical symmetry

Smyth Sequence

Family of Smyth surfaces with three legs and intrinsic rotational symmetry


Four platonically symmetric CMC n-noids contemplating the CMC sphere


Delaunay associate with screw-motion symmetry